Galvanic and Antioxidant Treatment

Gioielli Muse

Muse jewels are jewels whose value is characterized both by the quality of the materials and the attention to detail. Muse jewels are 18k gold or rhodium plated, the process by which one

It gives the golden, rosé and rhodium color to our products called galvanic.

Plating in 18k pink or yellow gold: golden rose and yellow colors are the result of galvanic processes in 18kt gold plating. Since the gilding with galvanic process only adds a very thin layer of gold, the jewels made with this technique should not be rubbed against rough surfaces: it is very easy to scratch them.

Rhodium plating: all the silver jewels are rhodium plated.

The rhodium plating produces a brilliant white deposit, with extraordinary reflective properties.

To ensure our customers the highest quality, muse jewels are protected by antioxidant treatment.

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